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Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

 Child and Adolescent Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

Many children and adolescents are unable to adequately function in academic settings due to a plethora of psychological and psychosocial reasons. We conduct comprehensive clinical and psycho-educational assessments for students, who along with their parents, have faced challenges with cognitive, educational, developmental, behavioral, emotional, and psychiatric difficulties. We  work with individual families and with educational advocates and attorneys representing students and their parents to ensure that their children’s academic needs are optimally addressed.  

child_interviewOur goal is to assist the parents and advocates with understanding the complexities inherent in children and adolescents encumbered with such difficulties, and answer questions related to diagnostic issues,  provide a clear, understandable, readable, and culturally sensitive report of the child’s psychological functioning (highlighting strengths and weaknesses), and to provide clinically appropriate recommendations for specialized services.

 Adult Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

We provide a succinct but comprehensive psychological picture of the individual, highlighting cognitive abilities (IQs), academic achievements, and personality and emotional functioning. This is done via use of psychological tests and clinical interviews.  The psychological measures are carefully selected based on the referral question or clinical issues in question.