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“Our Mission is to provide an array of assessments and treatment services that will improve the quality of life for children, adolescents, adults and families, and meet the needs of the community.”

Our Goal

“Our goal is to offer high quality clinical, diagnostic, and forensic assessments and treatment services using empirically validated, state of the art techniques. We will accomplish our goals by collaboratively working with our clients and using a multimodal approach.”

Our Philosophy

“Providing high quality professional care in a warm, sensitive, supportive, and collaborative manner; and understanding our client's unique background and challenges, optimizing their personal strengths and reducing psychological pain and suffering.”

Shifting Your Routine Can Lead to New Adventures

I am a creature of habit as much as the next person.  When situations fall outside of my control or I accidentally go beyond my typical routine sometimes I become frustrated to the point of a tantrum and other times I am pleasantly surprised by what comes forth. 

Today I was leaving the house to bring my daughter to her babysitter.  Something, for the most part, I do every week on the same day.  I was of course running late so I brought my coffee with me and as I was exiting the front door coffee splashed down my shirt.  If I wasn’t juggling five objects that my daughter HAD to have with her, maybe I would have left with a clean shirt.  As mothers come to know well, unexpected stains become the accepted norm, so knowing judgment would not be placed upon me by the sitter I continued out to the car.  We get going on our short drive and my mind escapes me narrowing the communication from my brain to the steering wheel.  I somehow forget where I am headed and get on the way to preschool instead of the sitter.  Thankfully I come to before it’s too late to turn around and not find an alternative route.  I almost damn myself, but think better of it and say, well, change can be good.  Let’s see what this brings.

All this brings up a memory from a long long time ago.  In my later adolescence I endured a bad break up.  One day I left work feeling miserable, suffering with the usual effects of losing a partner in life.  I was in a daze.  It was almost like I was on autopilot, and for whatever reason on this day I drove home a slightly different route.  The difference snapped me out of my stupor for a moment.  With upset I thought to myself, “Why did I go this way?”  I didn’t continue to think much of it as the covering of woe took over and thoughts of my warm bed in my dark bedroom matched my mood and gave way.  Little did I know that my wrong turn sparked the interest of another.  I pulled into my driveway unsuspectingly.  Surprise shown through my rearview mirror and as I exited my car with the lingering desire to shelter myself in my grief stricken dwelling I was struck as familiar face revealed itself. 

A mutual friend of my ex and I followed me home.  It was shocking because he was more my ex’s friend and more my acquaintance.  He explained that he had noticed the anguish on my face when I drove by which pushed him to check on me.  He said he had been meaning to catch up with me knowing I was having a difficult time dealing with the recent separation of not only a boyfriend, but what had been a best friend.  Had I went along with my daily routine and drove the same streets to get home that day he would have never spotted me; hence he would not have trailed me home.  That little gesture, the disruption in what had become the essence of my existence was the catalyst to the end of my mourning.  He sat with me and provided me with supportive and kind words which rejuvenated my sense of self and self-esteem.  It was not a miraculous recovery.  I still needed time to resurrect my full self composure, but my eyes were clearing.  A light had presented itself in a dark part of my life and I was able to move on. A pure example of how a wrong turn made a right turn in my life. 

The ongoing outcome has been that I recall this story whenever I shift my routine, even when I do this without intention.  Just so happens that today the way I drove home was also out of the norm.  I had to make a pit stop at a local convenience store.  When I entered the convenience store I had the store to myself and zipped through the process of purchase in moments.  As I left I was met with a line behind me and a thought, “glad I got here when I did!” I returned to my car and decided to look at the receipt.  I wanted to see how much money I had wasted by not going to the grocery store.  What I instead discovered was that the checkout clerk double charged me for milk.  Damn yet again!  I obviously wanted my money back so I again headed in with an agenda.  I get in the back of the line which I had just admired skipping and am met with the gaze of a small girl.  She is adorable and I can’t help but to comment on her hat that has a sundry of buttons haphazardly strewn on it.  Her mother engaged in conversation with me and I found myself discussing the ins and outs of potty training.  We part ways as she is beckoned by the cashier and I am left thinking what a nice woman she wound up being.

The rest of my drive home was mostly what I had expected until I turned onto my street and who other than the woman from the convenience store was getting out of her car just down the way from my house!  I had to stop and tell her that we were neighbors!  We briefly introduced ourselves and I promised to knock on her door one day as it was raining and I didn’t want to prolong her getting her two year old inside the house. 

When you open yourself up to the changes that are inevitable or contrived you never know who you might meet, what they might offer, or how they might affect you.  I have no idea how my newly found neighbor and I will get along, but if our initial meeting is any indication I think I may have at least found a new playmate for my daughter.

This experience inspired me to revisit the same concept I learned from when my friend followed me home.  It reminded me to have faith in the system of mistakes.  In both circumstances I was annoyed at myself for making a wrong turn and upset at the uncontrollable shift in my routine.  When my friend visited I was disturbed about being delayed in entering my sorrowful cave.  However, that nudge in the right direction crossed into other positive decisions which if calculated will roll right into how I met my husband.  From there I have two children, not to mention all the other beautiful experiences and successes in which our relationship has relished.  Today, my run into the store doubled itself in price and energy, but as I said a new friend could come of it, maybe for both my daughter and myself.  And from there who knows…I’ll keep you posted if you make a change today and include my blog in your routine!