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Our Mission

“Our Mission is to provide an array of assessments and treatment services that will improve the quality of life for children, adolescents, adults and families, and meet the needs of the community.”

Our Goal

“Our goal is to offer high quality clinical, diagnostic, and forensic assessments and treatment services using empirically validated, state of the art techniques. We will accomplish our goals by collaboratively working with our clients and using a multimodal approach.”

Our Philosophy

“Providing high quality professional care in a warm, sensitive, supportive, and collaborative manner; and understanding our client's unique background and challenges, optimizing their personal strengths and reducing psychological pain and suffering.”

Therapy Does Not Work


As a therapist I’ve heard many a time, therapy doesn’t work.  My response is, “you are right!” It doesn’t work, if you not willing to work it!  In addiction counseling there is a saying, “it works if you work it.” This holds true in most areas of life, as when we enter  excursions with it comes a level of commitment.  If the commitment is low, then your expectations should match it!  With all due respect, therapists are not magicians.  Contrary to popular belief, medications are not magic potions either!  Medications and therapists are aids and supports to be coupled with the individuals desire to change. 

Motivation is the first and most important ingredient to change, and sometimes a therapist is the right catalyst to assist in igniting motivation.  A therapist can offer feedback regarding how the ways in which you are conducting yourself can be more beneficial if altered.  The individual has control over whether to accept or reject the information provided.  If one decides to incorporate the insight and finds difficulty in applying the changes independently, therapy can assist in giving the application a boost.  Taking that first step in accepting a need for change to better yourself and your life situations is essential.  The second step is being ready to endure the feelings that are evoked when therapy starts.  Change and therapy is painful. 

Making a difference in your life means feeling uncomfortable.  When a person diets he/she is eliminating a comfort for the benefit of weight loss.  The same holds true for emotions and behaviors surrounding problematic situations in life.  We all revert to maladaptive behaviors and coping skills that feel right even if the behavior leads us to the same negative result time and time again.  Therapy includes taking away those maladaptive behaviors, which enlists the discomfort needed for change.  The saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” speaks to this exact issue.  A person needs to feel a need for change, then be willing to hear alternatives to make the change, and finally install the change into the behavioral pattern.  Therapy is a mere instrument that examines a bad tune, changes a few chords and can eventually lead to harmonious times.  Willingness to listen to the flawed strumming is needed to guide one’s journey toward the corrective path.

Before accepting the idea that therapy doesn’t work, consider the root of this statement.  Having been through therapy myself, I am aware of the ups and downs, including finding the right therapist, making the time, and absorbing the monetary cost.  I know firsthand that it is easy to brush off a solution that is not equipped with instantaneous gratification.  Patience is vital in self development and exploration.  We are a complicated species with unique individual stories that should be respected. Therapy can be a way of discovering our uniqueness and celebrating our stories.  This takes time, consideration, and WORK!!!